Quality Assurance

The key to enhancing the quality of education and training is to focus as far as possible on enhancing each education and training provider’s capacity for self-improvement through the application of a quality management system that includes policies and procedures that enable the provider to identify and implement improvement opportunities.

External quality assurance processes, such as provider registration, accreditation, external quality audit and external review, are designed to provide assurance that the provider is meeting regulatory standards and that the operation of its quality management system is delivering the expected results and outcomes.

The TNQAB Regulations 2010 sets out the following quality standards for the registration of post compulsory education and training providers and the accreditation of their courses of study:

1. The provider is established and organised to provide quality education and training
2. An educationally sound and effective process is used for the development, approval and review of all qualifications and courses associated with the provider
3. The provider is delivering quality education and training

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