1. Organisation Details

Name of education, training or
workplace organisation
Type of body corporate :
Physical address of education and training premises :
Postal address :
Governing body :

B. Contact Details

Contact person :
Designation :
Telephone number(s) :
Facsimile number :
Email ID :
Web site :

C. Nature of Education and Training

Indicate the intended education and training focus, such as subject areas, qualifications, courses of study and short courses, that the organisation intends to offer [use additional paper if needed or attach appropriate documents]

D. Intended Learner Profile

Indicate in these boxes the estimated number of students in each age group that are likely to enrol in your organisation's programmes and short courses during the next calendar year : 21 years and over 18–20 years 14–17 years 14 years and under

E. Accreditation of Education and Training Programmes

E. Accreditation of Education and Training Programmes :


a. Syllabus, Curriculum, teaching and learning components [course outlines]: :
b. Assessments to fulfil the requirements for the particular qualification: :
c. Cost for the course of study: :
d. Course timetable and Time required for the course of study: :
e. Assessment and Examination Schedule for the course of study: :
f. Qualification of staff offering the course: :
g. Name of any twinning institutions in Tonga or overseas which in involved in presentation or delivery of the course of study: :
h. Conduct of examinations: :
i. Statement of Ownership of copyright or courses :
j.Copy of any related Memorandum of Understanding with another Institution either in Tonga or outside Tonga: :

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